Through the years I have been both challenged and inspired in my Christian walk. The journey has been the adventure of a lifetime...

All the hyperbole aside, the Holy Scriptures have such amazing power. That truth alone is an inspiration.

Many years back (some fifty now), I was introduced to a small box filled with little pieces of cardboard that had scriptures printed on them. I found myself placing little boxes everywhere, everywhere I needed to focus, or change my attitude - and my attitude needed a lot of changing. At first, there was just the little box by my bed, then there was one by my telephone and next thing I knew, there was one by my telephone at the office, just any place my thoughts managed to go astray and that was just about everywhere. I even found co-workers coming by my desk just to "pull a promise."

So now, in the digital age, I want to share a "box of promises" with you. Something you can read and hear anytime, anywhere. And I pray it brings you the courage you need in times of doubt, the hope you need in times of change, and the comfort you need no matter what your circumstances, and I promise you this . . . Love never fails.

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